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Conheça as Incríveis Identidades Coloridas do Poderoso Ghost Rider!


Ghost Rider’s Powers Get Unprecedented Update with New Color-Coded Identities

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Cosmic Ghost Rider #4.

The Motoqueiro Fantasma Cósmico, also known as Frank Castle, has always been incredibly powerful, possessing not only the abilities of a classic Spirit of Vengeance but also the Cosmic Power courtesy of Galactus. And now, this true phenomenon of Ghost Rider has just received an unprecedented update: he now has color-coded identities.

In Cosmic Ghost Rider #4, by Stephanie Phillips and Guiu Vilanova, Frank Castle finds himself shaken after another version of himself is unconscious on a table in front of him. A month earlier, the Cosmic Ghost Rider was sucked into a black hole while chasing down killer smugglers. When he emerged on the other side, another version of himself suddenly appeared, one that apparently contained all of Frank Castle’s murderous rage but none of his tactical genius.

What’s interesting is that this new Cosmic Ghost Rider isn’t a copy of Frank, but rather his actual manifested rage, which means that the original no longer possesses this quality within him. The journey through the black hole must have literally taken that part of Frank and transformed it into its own Ghost Rider. And at the end of the issue, it happened again. A huge wave of cosmic energy opened up around the Cosmic Ghost Rider, inexplicably creating another black hole through which Frank was pulled. On the other side, Castle found himself face to face with five more versions of himself, each being an aspect of his personality that had been ripped away from him, effectively creating an “Emotional Spectrum” of Ghost Riders.

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Although these new Ghost Riders have yet to be explored – since they appeared only in the last panel of the comic – it’s clear what each one represents in terms of Frank’s emotions. The blue Ghost Rider represents sadness, the orange represents happiness, the white represents fear, and the green potentially represents hatred. The red seems to represent confidence, although the last two are admittedly a bit unclear. Regardless of the specifics, what’s fascinating here is that all of them seem to possess equal power. In the beginning of the issue, the original Cosmic Ghost Rider faces off against the first copy on equal footing, despite this copy being just one aspect of his personality, suggesting the same holds true for all the subsequent copies.

This new update speaks to the immense strength of Ghost Rider, who can divide himself into multiple parts – color-coded, no less – with each one being as powerful as the last. While the details of this update are still being explored, it’s certain that fans of the Cosmic Ghost Rider have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming issues.

Notícia: Atualização do Motoqueiro Fantasma Cósmico
Principais pontos:
– Motoqueiro Fantasma Cósmico agora possui identidades codificadas por cores
– Ele se multiplicou involuntariamente, criando seis versões adicionais de si mesmo
– Cada versão representa uma emoção/trait de personagem diferente
– As novas versões parecem ter igual poder ao original

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