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EXCLUSIVO: Onde está o Zodiac Killer de Nova York? Descubra a chocante verdade sobre Heriberto Seda após sua prisão!


What Happened To The New York Zodiac Killer, Heriberto Seda?

A docu-series on Netflix called “Catching Killers” has shed light on the search for the notorious serial killer known as the “New York Zodiac Killer,” Heriberto Eddie Seda. This chilling murderer targeted unsuspecting victims in the 90s, using a homemade pistol to commit his violent crimes. Inspired by the original Zodiac Killer, Seda incorporated zodiac signs and basic astronomy into his killings, leaving authorities puzzled as they tried to apprehend this star-influenced murderer.

In their relentless pursuit, detectives and police officers faced the challenge of decoding Seda’s cryptic messages left at crime scenes. Eventually, through a stroke of luck or perhaps Seda’s own arrogance, authorities managed to apprehend the serial killer in an unrelated incident. Remarkably, one of the detectives working on the New York Zodiac Killer case was responsible for his arrest. However, disappointingly, the series fails to provide any information about what happened to Heriberto Eddie Seda after his capture, leaving viewers in the dark regarding his current whereabouts.

Heriberto Eddie Seda was captured in June 1996 and later convicted of first-degree murder. He is currently serving his sentence in prison with no possibility of parole. Surprisingly, even behind bars, Seda has managed to find love, forming a relationship with a transgender woman named Synthia-China Blast. Now a self-proclaimed Zodiac Killer and occultist murderer, he has resigned himself to a life of incarceration. It is worth noting that Seda now spends his time reciting Bible passages to fellow inmates.

Now 55 years old, Seda serves his sentence at the Clinton Correctional Facility in northern New York state. His daily routine includes making origami animals, working as a janitor, reading the Bible, and watching hunting shows. Contrary to the satanic and occult image portrayed in “Catching Killers,” Seda was raised Catholic and used to report suspected drug dealers in his neighborhood to the police. In an interview with Unforbidden Truth, Heriberto even stated, “I could apologize, but that wouldn’t make up for anything. If you really want to overcome this tragedy, read the Bible.”

Initially, Heriberto’s crimes appeared to be isolated incidents of armed violence. However, his notoriety grew due to the encrypted messages he sent to the New York Post and left among his victims for the police to decipher. Eager to capture this enigmatic killer, a special task force was created to track down the New York Zodiac Killer. Unfortunately, Seda’s random and unpredictable attacks proved to be more challenging to trace than initially anticipated. Additionally, his lack of a criminal record made his capture even more difficult, as the partial fingerprint found by authorities did not match any existing records in their database.

Eventually, luck ran out for Seda when he was arrested on charges unrelated to his murders. During a domestic dispute with his sister and her new boyfriend, Seda shot his sister. Luckily, she managed to escape from their mother’s apartment and called the police from a neighbor’s phone. After a standoff with law enforcement, Seda surrendered. According to “Catching Killers,” when the detectives investigating his case realized that his written confession bore similarities..

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Resumo da Notícia
A docu-série “Catching Killers” da Netflix, temporada 3, episódio 2 retrata a busca pelos investigadores e promotores pelo assassino em série conhecido como o “Zodiac Killer de Nova York”, Heriberto Eddie Seda.
Seda atingia suas vítimas desprevenidas com tiros de uma pistola caseira durante uma série de ataques violentos na década de 90, tentando copiar a enigmática original do Zodiac Killer.
Após sua prisão, Seda foi condenado por assassinato em primeiro grau e está cumprindo pena na Clinton Correctional Facility.
Ele passa a maior parte do tempo fazendo animais de origami, trabalhando como faxineiro, lendo a Bíblia e assistindo programas de caça na prisão.
Seda foi criado como católico e costumava denunciar traficantes suspeitos em seu bairro para a polícia.
Os crimes de Seda ganharam notoriedade pelo uso de mensagens cifradas enviadas ao New York Post e deixadas entre suas vítimas.
Seda foi preso por acusações não relacionadas aos seus assassinatos, após um impasse com a polícia em uma disputa doméstica.

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